The 7v7 Tournament


The 7v7 Tournament is a single elimination 24-team adult 7v7 tournament created to bring the community together through football.  Our tournament will be held on July 4th, 2022, at the Matthews Sports Complex (2425 Sports Prkwy, Concord, NC). There will be a round robin pool play and after that the single elimination tournament which guarantees 3 games and a chance to win $1,000!  At our tournament we will be raffling off a BRAND NEW Xbox Series S. Food will be available!



Who Got Next?

  • Games are 21 minutes long. The clock runs continuous during the 1st 20 minutes & stops according to rules during the final 1 minute. There is no overtime in pool play. 

  • 7 defenders (may not line up 8 & drop one before snap)  and 6 offensive players (must use a center or extra  player to snap).  Each possession starts on the 40-yard line – going in.

  • First downs are made by crossing the 25-yard line and  the 10-yard line. 

  • Three downs to make a frst down; even inside the 10- yard line.

  • PAT snaps are at the 5-yard line, offensive choice of  hash. No 2 point conversions allowed in pool play.  2 point conversions will be from 10-yard line with choice  of hash in tournament play (if chosen). 

  • 4.0 seconds to get pass off. It will be a loss of down and  treated as a sack if not thrown in time (4.01 or greater).   The clock will be stopped on a sack in the fnal 1 minute of the game. NOTE: Passes may be thrown behind the line of  scrimmage but receiver must advance beyond L.O.S. or  play will be treated as a sack.

  • Four (4) second clock starts on snap of ball. 

  • Possession changes after PAT attempt, failure to make a   frst down, or turnover. 

  • One time-out per team per game. 1 additional time-out per overtime. 

  • All offensive formations must be legal sets.

  • Twenty-fve seconds to get the play off. 

  • One-hand touch anywhere. 

  • No running plays allowed.

  • No double passes or shuffe passes. 

  • Overtime:  Consists of 3 plays from 10 yard line. Each team has an  attempt to score in each overtime period. Starting with the  3rd and subsequent overtimes, all PAT’s must be 2 point  attempts from the 10 yard line. Overtime periods are not timed.

  • Penalties:

  • Defense pass interference = Automatic frst down and 5 yards from original line of scrimmage. 

  • Offense pass interference = Previous spot and loss of  down. 

  • Defensive holding = Automatic frst down and 5 yards from original line of scrimmage. In the event there is  defensive holding and a sack on the same play, the  defense will be penalized according to the above and the  sack will be ignored.

  • Illegal procedure (offense) = Loss of down. 

  • Defensive off-sides = 5 yard penalty. 

  • Delay of game = Loss of down and clock stops in fnal minute.

  • Scoring:

  • Touchdown - 6 points 

  • Interception - 3 points (no points for INT on PAT) 

  • Turnover on downs - 2 points 

  • PAT - 1 point (may opt for 2 in OT)

  • Seeding:

  • Teams will be broken into pools with equal number of  teams (if applicable).

  • Teams will be seeded for the tournament according to  overall records from pool play.

  • Records which are tied after pool play will be broken as  follows:                         

                       -Head to Head             

                       -Most points scored.

                       -Fewest points allowed.

                       -Flip of coin

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