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92 Ways Linemen Camp


The 92 Ways Linemen Camp was created to teach the core fundamentals of "lineplay", all while competing at a high level against the top offensive and defensive linemen in the Southeast.

We had over 60 athletes from 5 different states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia). Learning and competing at a high level. Athletes were put through a Dynamic Warm-up lead by Coach Justin Adams (Owner of Impact Speed Training), then promptly transitioned to the Athletic Competition portion of the camp. The athletes worked and competed continuously for 40 minutes on their speed, change of direction and explosiveness. For an hour and 20 minutes the athletes were put through numerous drills, to enhance their run blocking/block shedding and pass blocking/pass rush technique. Our Guest Speaker Derrick Freeland presented the athletes with a life changing message that "Your mind is your most powerful asset". After our guest speaker, came 1 on 1s. The athletes were about to showcase what they had just learned in a controlled competitive environment. At the end awards were announced and the athletes fed.

Lineman Camp: Welcome

Camp Alum

These are some of the young men who have participated in the 92 Ways Lineman Camp and have went on to earn FULL ride scholarships!

Lineman Camp: Testimonials
dj watkins.jpg

DJ Watkins

UNCC, Western Kentucky

Lineman Camp: Video

2022 Award Winners

Best Of The Best


Anthony is a 5'11 260 pound interior offensive lineman who is quick on his feet and has strong hands and elite finishing ability.

Anthony Cook

Middle School OL MVP


Michael Has really good hands and understands leverage. At 5'9 220, Michael also has a good get-off and doesn't stop his feet.

Michael Stella

Middle School DL MVP


Gavin is a 6'4 230 pound offensive tackle with long powerful arms. Understands leverage. Light on his feet. Really good at anchoring down against the bull rush.

Gavin Mclaughlin

High School OL MVP


DJ is a dominant 6'2 280 pound athlete who can play inside and outside. Elite get-off with active hands and a high motor.

DJ Watkins

High School DL MVP

Lineman Camp: Testimonials
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